I believe that food can change one’s life. Food can be healing. I believe that people can optimise their health by developing a deeper understanding of nutrition. Healthy eating should be enjoyable and practical.

Most of my 90 minute consultations are conducted from my rooms either in Mayfair or in Chelsea, where we will discuss and evaluate your lifestyle and eating habits.  My objective is to make nutritional changes adaptable, irrespective of your age and condition. The focus is on realistic, achievable diet and lifestyle changes and my programmes are tailored towards your specific health concerns.

My real motivation and satisfaction comes from helping people with cancer, to support them nutritionally and with supplements in order to minimise the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Patients are often nauseous; suffer from loss of appetite and energy all of which can be mitigated. I can suggest ways to strengthen the immune system, to cope better with the demands of life.

I also advise families for family nutrition, in the comfort of their own home and I provide nutritional support for stress, digestive disorders and auto-immune conditions.