If you would like to book a consultation please contact me via email or by completing the following form.

After I receive your query, I will send a detailed questionnaire, which will include your medical history, details about your lifestyle, and a three-day eating plan. At this time, we will also make an appointment to see each other. You would be asked to kindly return the questionnaire 48 hours before our appointment.

The initial consultation will take approximately 90 minutes. During the first part of the consultation, I will ask you further questions regarding current medical history and we will define your goals. We will then agree on an achievable food and lifestyle plan. We may also discuss about different test options or supplements at this time.

The first follow-up appointment will take place approximately 4 weeks after the initial consultation and will last about 45 minutes to 1 hour. During this time we will review your goals, test results, and make additional changes to your existing plan.